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What To Expect When You Go To A Drug Treatment Center

Whether you are an addict of drugs looking to end your addiction and lead a more productive life or you are facing going to a drug treatment center due to probation or a court order, knowing what you are getting into can help make the transition much easier. Going to get treatment for addiction is a very brave and positive decision and can change your life for the better. Here are things you can expect when you go to a treatment center for drug addiction.

Full emotional and physical assessment

Drugs take over your mind as much as your body, and when you first get to a facility, a professional medical doctor and psychiatrist will want to visit with you to get an overall feel of your mental and physical health. Part of your assessment will involve doing a urinalysis to see what drugs (if any) are actively in your system. Certain drug addictions, including alcohol and heroin, may require a detoxing period, which you will undergo in a professional medical setting so you can go through the process as comfortably and safely as possible.

Group therapy

You will receive one-on-one therapy from a psychiatrist who best fits your needs so they can get to the root of your addiction and help you find coping ways to avoid doing drugs once you complete your program. You will also have access to group therapy with other residents of the facility so you can share your experiences with others and know that you are not alone in your struggle. Group therapy can be very beneficial in finding others who understand where you have been and the struggles to stay clean and can help aid in your long-term recovery.

Preparation for the 'real world'

As you get near to completion of your inpatient drug treatment program, you will begin to learn how to cope with temptation and stresses of the 'real world'. You may be referred to a halfway house where you will be monitored to help keep you from going back to previous behaviors, or you may be encouraged to move in with a loved one who will help you find a job and meet friends who can help you lead a healthier life. Depending on how long you have been an addict and how you have progressed in the program, you may be advised to abstain from future relationships until you have a stronger hold on sobriety.

The goal of a drug addiction treatment center is to help you learn how to lead a happier, productive life without addiction. The more you participate in the program, the better your chances of success can be.

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